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THE LAST LESSON BY Alphonse Daudet
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THE LAST LESSON BY Alphonse Daudet

THE LAST LESSON BY Alphonse Daudet

THE LAST LESSON BY Alphonse Daudet : Franz is Reluctant to go to class  : Franz began for school late that morning. His French teacher, M Hamel, had declared that he would ask questions from the class on participles. Poor Franz didn’t know even a single word about them and feared a chiding from his educator. It was a brilliant bright day and for a moment Franz considered bunking the class and going through the day outside.

The tweeting of birds and the walking of the Prussian warriors was substantially more enticing than the participles. Nonetheless, Franz had the option to fend the enticement and rushed off to class. On his approach to class, Franz passed the city center and saw a group before the release board. For as long as two years, all the awful news had come from it and Franz contemplated what the matter was this time.

As he was rushing past, Wachter, the blacksmith, shouted to him and said that there was a lot of time to arrive at the school. Franz thought that he was ridiculing him and arrived at the school painting.

 M Hamel’s abnormal conduct

At the point when Franz arrived at the school, he was exceptionally shocked to find that everything was silent. Normally, when the school started, there would be an incredible noises and movements. Franz had frequently depended on the noises to get into his classroom unseen.

In any case, that day everything was a calm as it was on a Sunday morning. Franz saw that every one of his schoolmates were at that point in their seats and M Hamel was strolling here and there with his iron ruler under his arm.

He needed to open the entryway and arrive at his seat before everyone. He was becoming flushed and was exceptionally terrified. What amazed and confounded him more was that, rather than reprimanding him, M Hamel talked compassionate to him and advised him to sit down.

Franz Notices Many Unusual Things at School

After Franz had quieted down, he saw that M Hamel was wearing an extraordinary clothing, which he wore distinctly on uncommon events. The entire school was so odd and an earnestness won in the environment. In any case, what astonished and confounded him more than anything else was to see the town individuals sitting discreetly on the back seats. They all looked pitiful.

 The Order from Berlin

Franz was all the while pondering as he noticed the progressions around him, when M Hamel mounted on his seat and made the awful declaration. He told the class that it was their last French exercise.

The request had come from Berlin to train just German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine and he would leave the school the following day. These words were a stun to little Franz. Presently he recollected the social affair at the municipal center. Franz was completely stunned by the abrupt unforeseen development. He lamented not having taken in his exercises when there was still time.

Presently, he won’t ever have the option to learn them. He had burned through his valuable time away from the class, connecting with himself in pointless exercises like looking for bird’s egg, going sliding on the Sarr stream, etc. His books, which were an aggravation to him, abruptly felt like old companions. His inclination for his educator excessively began evolving.

The possibility that M Hamel was disappearing and Franz could never see him again, caused him to disregard how cantankerous M Hamel was. Franz was feeling sorry for him. It was to pay tribute to his ‘last exercise’ that he had gotten into his fine garments, and the town individuals had assembled there to offer their thanks towards him, and to show their regard for their country and their language.

M Hamel Criticizes Himself and the People of Alsace

While Franz was thinking about this, he heard his name called out; it was his chance to discuss. He would have offered anything to be only ready to say the standard uproarious and unmistakably. Yet, sadly, he got stirred up on the principal words. He was embarrassed and stood holding his work area. M Hamel said that he would not chide him.

He reprimanded individuals of Alsace for their propensity for putting off learning for quite a while later on. He reprimanded their folks for not looking into their investigations and likewise censured himself for this. Frequently, he sent the understudies to water his plants or gave them an occasion when he had needed to go to fishing.

Significance of Mother Tongue

M Hamel at that point discussed the French language. He considered it the most lovely, the most clear and the most sensible language on the planet. H needed individuals of France to love their language. As per him, at whatever point individuals of a specific country are subjugated, as long as they are appended to their language, maybe they have the way in to their jail.

The Last Lesson

M Hamel opened a language book and showed them their last exercise. Franz was stunned to perceive how well he got everything. Franz thought them presumably he never gave them consideration in the class and that M Hamel had never clarified everything with such a lot of tolerance. After that they had an exercise recorded as a hard copy.

M Hamel had brought new duplicates for them that day. Everybody was drenched in their work. Indeed, even the young kids sitting in the class were following their fish snares, as though that was French as well.

The Final Good Bye

This while, M Hamel sat still in his seat. Franz felt that M Hamel needed to engrave this study hall scene in his brain. For 40 Years, he had given his dependable support of the school and now his sister was pressing their stuff. This probably been truly deplorable for him. At long last, they had an exercise ever.

Everyone got enthusiastic towards the end; some even begun crying, however M Hamel had the fortitude and persistence to hear each exercise to the last. At last, as the congregation clock struck twelve, M Hamel held up. It was exceptionally apparent that he had become passionate as well. He attempted to talk, however chocked.

At that point he went to the writing board and composed as extensive as possible ‘Vive La France!’ which signifies ‘long live France’. He at that point excused the class, flagging everybody to leave.


1. Would you be able to consider models in history where a vanquished individuals had their language detracted from them or had a language forced on them ?

Ans. A few instances of the local language detracted from vanquished individuals or had a language forced on them are :

a) Portuguese turned into the language of Angola when it was colonized by Portugal.

b) English was forced on the Celtic individuals in Northern Ireland when it was vanquished by Britain.

c) Spanish was forced on the Basques and the Catalans when their territories were taken over by Spain.

2. What changes did the request from Berlin cause in school that day ?

Ans. The request from Berlin expressed that solitary German will be instructed in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. This implied that French would presently don’t be instructed in the school.

M Hamel, the French instructor, would need to leave. This additionally made the senior townspeople go to the school for the last exercise in French.

3. What did Franz notice that was uncommon about the school that day ?

Ans. Franz saw numerous strange things about school that day. As a rule, when the school started, there was a much upheaval, which was feeling the loss of that day. His educator, M Hamel had on his stylized garments. However, the most uncommon thing was that the town individuals were sitting discreetly on the back seats, which were typically vacant.

4. What was Franz expected to be set up with for school that day ?

Ans. Franz was required to be set up with his exercise on participles. M Hamel, his French educator, had reported that he would scrutinize the class on participles. Yet, poor Franz didn’t know even the main word about them.

5. What had been set up on the release board ?

Ans. A request that had come from berlin had been set up on the announcement board. The request was from the following day just German would be educated in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The new instructor would join the school from the next day.

6. How did Franz’s sentiments about M Hamel and school change ?

Ans. Franz was stunned when M Hamel enlightened the understudies concerning the request from Berlin and that it was their last French exercise. He disregarded his educator’s ruler and cantankerousness; all things considered, he began preferring M Hamel, as he was being isolated from him for eternity.

His sentiments towards his school changed, as he would not like to surrender his books and exercises, apparently old companions.

7. Individuals in this story unexpectedly acknowledge how valuable their language is to them. What shows you this ? For what reason does this occur ?

Ans. At the point when the request had come from Berlin that thus just German will be educated in schools, individuals understood that it was the latest day to get familiar with their mom language. To show their friendship for the language, numerous old individuals came to go to class, possessing the last seats, which had normally stayed empty before.

Franz lamented not having taken in the participles, when M Hamel out of nowhere assessed them of the way that they would turn into a giggling stun before the Germans. Their language was their personality, the ‘way in’ to their jail. The most grounded proof of how significant their language became can be taken from M Hamel’s hypnotizing last exercise. Everybody was incredibly mindful. Franz too discovered the exercise calm straightforward, when prior he had tracked down The French classes exceptionally troublesome.

8. What befalls an etymological minority in a state ? How would you figure they can keep their language alive ?

Ans. A phonetic minority in a state can’t practice semantic abilities like the locals of the state. At the work environment and instructive association, English/Hindi or some other connection language assists a ton to adapt to the work and learning measure. Be that as it may, with regards to understanding the essential standards of the general public, to mingle, they face etymological hindrances during correspondence.

To keep their alive , the semantic minorities can shape little networks where they can commend their celebrations according to their customs. They can likewise keep on communicating in their local language in their homes and cause their youngsters to get familiar with the language. They ought to likewise attempt to visit their local spots at normal.

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