The Fun They Had Summary CBSE Class 9 English

The Fun They Had Summary Class 9 English
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The Fun They Had Summary Class 9 EnglishSynopsis of The Fun They Had

The Fun They Had chapter will help Class 9 students to find out about this section in English Literature without breaking a sweat. The Fun They Had illuminates an intriguing part of the mechanical world we will have later on. Thusly, it is set later on where two youngsters examine the manner in which things worked in the prior days. Further, they talk about the ‘books’ which involve paper rather than the tele books they have now. It is fairly fascinating to find out about the discussion between the young children. They get intrigued by the idea of ‘school’ which won in the times of their grandparents. In addition, they likewise talk about how those days were substantially more fun. The Fun They Had shows us the truth of innovation taking over soon.

 Summary in English

The story starts with two kids named, Margie and Tommy. It happens in the realm of things to come where PCs overwhelm everything. Besides, it additionally shows how the idea of schools and homerooms has changed totally.

It’s the year 2157, and Margie is writing in her diary about how Tommy discovered a book. This book was of Tommy’s granddad when he was a young child. Margie finds out about how they use to print every one of the tales on paper in those days.

Further, they read the actual book and discover the sensation of turning pages over rather clever. It was interesting in light of the fact that they were not prone to peruse still words, only ones moving that too on a screen. We discover that later on, there are no books, just tele books. They store them in TV sets and PCs.

From that point onward, it takes a fascinating turn when they talk about school. Margie discovers that schools were totally different in those days. They had real people who were instructors. It is astounding on the grounds that she has just robots which educate her.

Besides, she doesn’t care for school as a result of a great deal of reasons. The school she contemplates doesn’t have any cohorts. Indeed, it doesn’t have break or jungle gym.

Margie and Tommy concentrate in a virtual study hall. They have robots as educators. In particular, her ‘school’ is close to her room as it were. It is a room loaded with hardware, robots, and devices. The PC programming shows her beginning and end.

At the point when Margie goes to her school subsequent to finding out about the prior ones, she begins pondering. At the point when she begins considering, she really want to consider the previous days.

Margie ponders about the pleasant her grandparents would enjoy. She envisioned children from various areas meeting up cheerfully to go to class.

Also, the way that they were encouraged exactly the same thing entertained her. It was on the grounds that everybody would help each other out with the schoolwork. Consequently, eventually, she is left pondering about the great they had.

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