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Song Of Myself Summary of the poem :

” Song of Myself” is an inspiring poem composed by Walt Whitman, a great American poet. It has been taken from a collection of his poems, “Leaves of Grass”

Here, the poet celebrates the glory and greatness of the whole humanity through his own philosophy of life. He openly celebrates himself and sings himself and sees himself in others. He knows that the basic constituent of human beings remains the same.

And moves as he wishes and watches a spear of summer grass. He says that his life has been shaped by this soil and air and fondly remembers the contributions of Nature to mankind. He does not believe in any creed and class and opines that there should be no difference between man and man.

To his mind, all the creations of this universe are one. He loves both the old and the young and wishes to remain healthy and active as long as he is alive. He wishes that nature should continue pouring her blessing on him.

In this way, he celebrates the unity and brotherhood of the entire humanity by singing his own ‘self’. He is bent upon expressing himself without any check and with original energy.

Question Answer Song Of Myself

1.Who is the speaker in this poem ?
Answer :The poet Walt Whitman is the speaker in this poem.

2.How old is he ?
Answer : He is 37 years old.

3.Why does the speaker use you twice ?
Answer the speaker uses you twice because he addresses all the people of the world hairdressers them as you.

4.What is meant by nature without check with original energy ?
Answer :The poet is not influenced by the thought and dogmas of others. He wants to speak in his original form and with full force like this nature without any discrimination.

5.What is the theme of the poem ?
Answer : The theme of the poem is oneness in the universe. All human beings are one and each one is as much a part of nature as anyone else.

6.How does the speaker establish relation between ‘me’ and ‘you’ ?
Answer : The speaker establishes a complete identity between himself and others by saying every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. Me and you are the two sides of the same coin.

7.What does you observe in summer?
Answer : He observes every single blade of grass in summer.

8.What has formed the speakers blood
Answer : The soul on which he rests and the air that he breathes have formed his blood.

Song Of Myself

9.What does he hope to do?
Answer : He hopes to concentrate on nature for inspiration of his songs.

10.What does he want to do with creeds ?
Answer : He wants to keep them aside for some time though he does not want to forget them all together.

11.What does he want to speak about ?
Answer : He wants to speak about himself but himself means all the mankind the supreme being himself .

12.What similarities does the poet draw between two human beings ?
Answer : The poet draws physical and mental identity between two persons he asserts that each human being is made of the same atoms of the earth and air as he himself or as any other human being.

13. Explain the line hoping to cease is not till death ?
Answer : The poet is 37 years old and he is in perfect health. He hopes he will stay healthy till the last day of his life.

14. Why does the poet not want to bother in self with creeds and schools ?
Answer : The poet does not want to bother himself with creeds and schools because he does not want them to come between him and nature. He wants to concentrate on nature. He wants to have a direct communication with nature that is original unhampered by any dogma and speaks to him with all her energy so he wants to keep creeds and schools aside at least for some time he wants to forget them.

15. What does the poet mean by nature without check with original energy ?
Answer : The poet wants to have direct communication with nature he wants to approach nature without any pre convinced ideas. So he does not want any creeds and schools to influence him and dilute his understanding of nature. He wants nature’s wisdom to come directly to him. He wants to experience nature that is original and has its full force.

Objective Question Song Of Myself

1.Who is known as people’s poet ?
A. TS Eliot       B. DH Lawrence        C. Walt Whitman        D. None of these

2.Walt Whitman belonged to………..
A. Germany           B. USA             C. Britain            D. None of these

3.Who said ‘every atom of blood is the same in all human beings’ ?
A. DH Lawrence         B. Walt Whitman       C. Rupert Brooke          D. T S Eliot

4.Walt Whitman was born in……….
A.1919           B. 1819           C. 1907          D. 1912

5.Walt Whitman poetry collection is called……..
A. leaves of grass         B. Babylon show         C. Peeble on shore          D. None of these

6.The Poet use the word ‘loaf’ as…….
A. Enjoy           B. Wonder          C. Dance          D. Wander

7.According to the poet ‘his blood is formed by’………
A. This soil         B. This air             C. Both          D. None of these

8.Walt Whitman has written the poem…….
A. An epitaph         B. The soldier          C. Song of myself             D. Fire hymn

9. Walt Whitman is ……….. years old .
A. 34          B. 35             C. 36         D. 37

10. ‘Hoping to cease not Till death’ is a line from ……..
A. Sweetest love I Do not Goe         B. Song of myself            C. The soldier            D. Fire hymn

11. In the poem ‘song of myself’ the poet………. for himself.
A. Laughs           B. Dances             C. sings              D. None of these

12. ‘I harbor for good or bad’ is written by…….
A. Walt Whitman           B. John Keats           C. DH Lawrence          D. John Donne

13. ‘And what I assume you shall assume’ is taken from the poem…….
A. The Soldier           B. An Epitaph          C. Song of myself          D. Fire hymn

14. ‘I’ in the first line of the poem song of myself is……..
A. John Donne             B. John Keats            C. Walt Whitman           D. Kamala Das

15. ‘I celebrate myself and sing myself’ is written by…..
A. Walt Whitman            B. WH Auden             C. John Keats             D. WB yeats

16. Every atom of blood is…… in all human beings.
A. Difference               B. Equal                C. The same                 D. Various

17. Walt Whitman is………. Poet.
A. An Indian               B. An Australian            C. An Anglo Indian               D. An American

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