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Ode To Autumn By John Keats

known As – Romantic Poet Ode To Autumn

Studied At – Clark’s School at Enfield

Interested In – Cricket, Boxing and Reading Greek Mythology

Trained As – A surgeon

Occupation – Poet

Born – 31 October 1795, Moonfields , London, England

Died – 23 February 1821, Rome, Italy At the age of 26 years due to Tuberculosis

Literary period – Romantic

First poem – ‘Lines Of Imitation Of Spenser’ In 1814

Most famous poem – ‘Endymion’ 1818

Odes – ‘On Indolence’ , On a Gracian Urn’ , ‘To Psyche’ , ‘To a Nightingale’ , ‘On Melancholy’ , ‘To Autumn’


Summary Of “ODE TO AUTUMN”

‘To Autumn’ is an ode written by John Keats. In this poem, the poet addresses autumn like a person.  First stanza – he says that autumn and the sun are best friends who lead fruits and crops to grow, ripe and harvest.
Second stanza – He describes the period after the harvest, when autumn just hangs out around the granary where harvested grains are kept.

In the last stanza, the speaker notes that music of spring is a distant memory, but that autumn’s music is pretty cool, too. This music includes images of clouds and harvested fields at sunset, gnats flying around a river, lambs bleating, sights and sounds produce a veritable symphony of beauty.

Question and answer Ode To Autumn

1. Who are depicted as friends in the first two lines ?
Ans : Autumn season and maturing sun are depicted as friends in the first two lines.

2. What happens in autumn ?
Ans : All types of fruits and food grains grow and get ripeness In autumn.

3. In what sense does the sun conspire with autumn ?
Ans : The sun conspires with autumn how to to load fruits on the various plants and make them fleshy and ripen.

4. How do the sun and summer help in ripening of fruits in autumn ?
Ans : The sun and summer produce very much heat and energy in the ripening of fruits by conspiring in the autumn season.

5.How are autumn and summer related to spring?
Ans : Spring comes before summer and autumn comes after summer so both come before and after summer just as old and young age are related to adolescence.

6. What does the poet say about the music of of autumn ?
Ans : The poet says that autumn has its own music like spring. We can hear various types of sounds created by different birds and animals In this season. These sounds make our world very melodious and beautiful.

7. What do autumn and Spring symbolize in the poem?
Ans : Autumn and spring symbolize that this nature is full of various beautiful sounds and things. If we start enjoying them, they can give us very much pleasure and peace in our life.

Objective questions Ode To Autumn

1. The poem ode to autumn is written by..…..
A. John Donne
B. Walt Whitman
C. John Keats
D. W H Auden

2.…………… was a great romantic poet (lover of nature).
A. Walt Whitman
B. WH Auden
C. John Donne
D. John Keats

3. Autumn season of mellow…….
A. fruitfulness
B. fruitlessness
C. wind
D. rain

4. Autumn starts with the departure of…….. season .
A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Summer
D. Rainy

5. In ….… new leaves and fruits come out on trees.
A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Autumn
D. Summer

6. ‘And gathering swallows twitter in the sky’ is taken from…….
A. snake
B. ode to autumn
C. the soldier
D. macavity

7. ‘seasons of mists and Mellow fruitfulness’ is written by….
A. John Keats
B. WH Auden
C. Walt Whitman
D. John Donne

8. Autumn is the close friend of…..
A. maturing sun
B. shining moon
C. twinkling stars
D. setting sun

9.…… was a great lover of nature.
A. John Keats
B. WH Auden
C. Walt Whitman
D. John Donne

10. John Keats was a……………. poet.
A. Serious
B. romantic
C. majestic
D. wise

11. ode to autumn is ……
A. a ballad
B. an epic
C. an ode
D. an octave

12……. twitter in the sky.
A. Swallows
B. Gnats
C. Mosquitoes
D. Lambs

13. ‘ode to autumn’ is a poem of…..
A. Love
B. War
C. Nature
D. Sadness

14. John Keats was born in…….
A. 1895
B. 1795
C. 1695
D. 1595

15. John Keats died in in…..
A. 1821
B. 1825
C. 1826
C. 1827

16. John Keats died in the age of…….
A. 25
B. 27
C. 26
D. 24

17. The theme of the poem ‘ode to autumn’ is ….
A. Maturity/ fulfillness
B. Love
C. Growth
D. Satisfaction

18. Who has been personified in the poem ode to autumn?
A. Winter
B. Summer
C. Spring
D. Autumn

19. In the second stanza the autumn has been compared to a….
A. bird
B. woman
C. man
D. child

20. autumn and sun are……..
A. enemies
B. competitors
C. bosom friends
D. brothers

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