Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast, Summary | Question Answer | Objective | Class12 English

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Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast  Summary :

“Now. The Leaves Are Falling Fast” is a symbolic poem. It has been composed by W.H. Auden who was a famous British modern poet, According to W.H. Auden, poetry is a serious game and its role is to deepen people’s self-awareness. The purpose of poetry should be moral guidance in every walk of life.

In this poem, W.H. Auden has highlighted the frustration and sorrow inherent in human life. He says that life is full of many ups and downs. He thinks that happiness is an occasional episode in the general drama of life. People live and die in a sense of loneliness.

Many of their wishes and desires remain unfulfilled, though they try their best to make life happy. When people don’t get what they want, they become hopeless. The falling leaves symbolize the process of decay, death and human waste on a large scale.

Life is not really a bed of roses. It is full of thoms. He realizes that mortality is the truth of life. Death is certain. Nobody can escape the icy hand of death. The end of the poem shows an optimistic note. He says that life must be lived with eagerness and hope.

The rolling prams suggest that life never ceases. The tired travelers are being comforted by the white waterfalls. So the message of the poem is that we should rise above the feeling of sadness and live life joyfully.

Question Answer Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

1.What does the poet mean when he says now the leaves are falling fast ?
Answer : The leaves are a symbol of old people as leaves fall fast in the Autumn so are the people dying in their old age.

2.What are the words in the second stanza that suggest death and the effect of death on human   body ?
Answer : The words whispering neighbors , break us from the real delight , active and must fridge , lonely on the separate knees etc. suggest the inevitable death.

3.How do we complete our last journey to the grave ?
Answer : The grave brings peace to our suffering. Slowly and gradually everyone tends towards is it. It is the last journey of one’s life.

4.What do trolls do in the leafless wood ?
Answer : Trolls look angrily for food in the leafless wood.

5.who are the travelers and how will they be blessed ?
Answer : The aged are the travelers. They will be blessed by the white cold waterfall of the mountain head that is death.

6. Which words in the first stanza suggest objects from nature ?
Answer : The words leaves of trees , flowers , autumn etc. suggest objects from nature.

7.Who are whispering neighbors ?
Answer : The Agents of death are whispering neighbors. They pluck us from the real delights of this world.

8.How does human life become miserable ?
Answer : Humans grow old in old age. They become inactive and weak. They are cut off from society and they become lonely and miserable.

9.In what way will the travelers be blessed ?
Answer : The white waterfall of the cold hand of the death will bless them. It will rescue them from their miseries.

10.Who are the ‘trolls’ in the real world ?
Answer : Anxiety and frustration are the trolls in the real world. They move about all over keeping people Sleepless at night. People have no peace everyone feels helpless , lonely and isolated. There is no relief or protection for them.

11.Falling of leaves suggests the process of death and human waste on a large scale. Explain with reference to the poem.
Answer : Leaves fall in autumn so do men die in old age. They lose their brightness and utility. They die in a large number. But it is the law of nature. Indeed it is a good law. If there was no death , there would be no change. Things will never remain the same. Death is not bad. It is good. It delivers man from all sufferings.

Objective Question Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

1.W H Auden has written the poem……
A. Song of myself      B. Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast         C. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe        D. None of these

2.’Nurses flowers will not last’ is a line written by bye……
A. John Keats      B. WH Auden       C. John Donne      D. Walt Whitman

3.’Whispering neighbors left and right’ it is a line from the poem…..
A. An epitaph       B. Snake      C. Song of myself      D. Now the leaves are falling fast

4. ‘The……….. of death’ are the whispering neighbors.
A. Messenger       B. God        C. Friends       D. Enemies

5. The falling of………. refer to the speedy arrival of the death.
A. Leaves       B. Snows        C. Stones       D. Fruits

6.………. Waterfall would bless the travelers passing through that way.
A. Yellow       B. White       C. Red       D. Grey

7. The …………… has become dumb to see the leafless trees.
A. Hen      B. Sparrow      C. Nightingale       D. Peacock

8. Trees shed their leaves in………
A. Rain       B. Summer       C. Winter        D. Autumn

9.The leaves are falling………
A. Slow       B. Soon       C. Fast       D. Moderate

10.Human life is not better than…..
A. Life       B. Death        C. Journey       D. None of these

11.Who are Travelers in the poem ‘Now the leaves are falling fast’ ?
A. Young persons        B. Children         C. Old persons         D. Sick persons

12.The prams are ………….
A. Running         B. Standing         C. Laying         D. Rolling

13.The promises of love are often……..
A. Deceptive         B. Attractive          C. Faithful           D. Sorrowful

14.Old persons feel ……. as they gradually become inactive.
A. Busy          B. Colorful          C. Hopeful          D. Lonely

15. ‘Now the leaves are falling fast’ is a…………
A. Pessimistic poem          B. Optimistic poem           C. Sad poem           D. Hateful poem

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