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An Epitaph By Walter De La Mare

Born 25 April 1873 An Epitaph
Charlton, Kent, England
Lost his father at the age of four and had to move
with his family to London
Died 22 June 1956 (aged 83)
Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Genre Poetry, supernatural fiction, children’s literature
Called Children’s Poet
Notable Works Songs for children, Peacock pie
Awards James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1921
Carnegie Medal in 1947
Order of merit in 1953 by Elizabeth II

Summary An Epitaph

“An Epitaph” is a short poem composed in the memory of a very beautiful lady. It has been composed by Walter de la mare who is popularly known as a children’s poet. In his poetry. We find a world of wonder and mystery.

In this poem, the poet highlights the transistorization of human life and love. He says that beauty is a nine day’s wonder. It is transient. Love and beauty don’t last forever. Here, the poet talks about a very beautiful and charming lady. She was proud of her beauty.

The poet reminds us that beauty vanishes with the passage of time. It comes to decay and death. The poet again says that when she becomes old or dies, no one will remember her. Only true love is eternal. But it is a matter of sorrow that the lady lacks true love.

As long as a woman is alive. She may be loved. When she dies, No one will remember her, Beauty truly lies in the eye of a true beholder. The poem is short but pregnant with thoughts and truth. Words are laconic and its style is lucid.

Question & Answer An Epitaph

1. What will happen when the poet dies ?
Answer : Nobody will ever remember the beautiful lady who is only alive in the hearts of the poet himself.

2. Write a note on the philosophical meaning of the poem.
Answer : According to the poet beauty is short lasting. It is perished by the passage of time. People make memorials or epitaphs on the graves of their love ones but this is significant only to those who remember them.

3.Where does the lady lie ?
Answer : The lady lies in her grave after her death and and an epitaph is made on her grave in her memory.

4. How does she look to the poet ?
Answer : She looks to the poet the most beautiful lady of the west country.

5. Was she a kind and considerable lady ?
Answer : No, she was not a kind and considerable lady. She was beautiful only by look.

6. What does the poet think about the beauty ?
Answer : The poet thinks that beauty vanishes, It passes with the passage of time. It is not long lasting.

7. What does the poet mean when he says ‘And when I crumble’?
Answer : The poet means to say that after his death no one will remember that beautiful lady of the west country.

Objective Questions An Epitaph

1. An Epitaph is written by……….
A. D.H. Lawrence
B. Walt Whitman
C. T.S. Eliot
D. Walter De la Mare

2. Walter de la mare was born in ………
A. 1873
B. 1893
C. 1892
D. 1863

3. Walter de la mare died in …….
A. 1946
B. 1966
C. 1956
D. 1976

4. Walter de la mare is known as ……
A. War poet
B. Children’s poet
C. Natural poet
D. Romantic poet

5. ‘An Epitaph’ is …….
A. a story
B. a travelogue
C. an essay
D. a poetry

6. Walter de la Mare was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the ‘Order of Merit’ in –
a. 1943
b. 1933
c. 1953
d. 1952

7. Walter de la mare expresses his sad feeling for a ………
A. Boy
B. Girl
C. Baby
D. Lady

8. The lady lies in a …….
A. Garden
B. Temple
C. Grave
D. Church

9. However, rare-rare it be ; beauty …….
A. Rules
B. Crumble
C. Vanishes
D. Expresses

10. The lady belonged to the ………
A. North Country
B. West country
C. East country
D. South country

11. Physical beauty is …….
A. long lived
B. permanent
C. short lived
D. lived forever

12. Walter De La Mare knew a………. who is now dead.
A. Girl
B. Boy
C. Lady
D. Man

13. The poet feels that after his death no body will ……… her.
A. Love
B. Remember
C. Forget
D. Hate

14. ‘light of step and heart was she’ is taken from ………
A. Fire Hymn
B. Snake
C. The soldier
D. An epitaph

15. ‘And when I crumble, who will remember her’ is written by……
A. John Keats
B. Walter De La Mare
C. John donne
D. Rupert Brooke

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