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A THING OF BEAUTY Stanza 1 & 2

The writer discusses the perpetual idea of lovely things which give us everlasting satisfaction. Their exquisiteness continues expanding and never disappears. The never-ending lovely sight of delightful things is put away in our memory. They give us harmony, very much like a calm obscure spot give us a rest brimming with sweet dreams. A sound rest bring about soundness of our body and psyche, as it give us peacefulness and mental harmony. A Thing Of Beauty

At the point when we get up the following morning after a sound rest, all the excellent memory of our sweet dream assist us to fortify our bond with Earth. That is the reason the artist feels that each day we set up a wreath of blossoms that ties us to Earth all the more emphatically.

Misery, bitterness and absence of honorable ways are a piece of human existence. Life is loaded with hardships, lost confidence and dissatisfactions, which result from our own doings. WE hurt ourselves by following unfortunate and evil ways. Be that as it may, disregarding this, some superb sights of nature assist us with shedding tragic and troubling considerations. They eliminate the evil of misery, achieving trust and advance in our lives.

Stanza 3 & 4   A Thing Of Beauty

The artist presently proceeds to list these objects of magnificence. He says that the sun, the moon old and youthful trees which give shade to sheep, the daffodils, the greenery encompassing them, the cool and clear streams which give rest in the warmth of summer and the shrubs filling in the woodland with musk-roses sprouting in the midst of them, are on the whole endless wellsprings of euphoria and delight.

The artist adds on further to his rundown. As indicated by him, there is excellence even in death. He discovers excellence in nonexistent stories individuals have made about our dead progenitors who were considered as gallant and powerful.

The artist proceeds to say that every one of the exquisite stories that we have heard can likewise be put among such wonderful things, as they sublimely affect the human soul. All lovely things resemble an unending wellspring from the sky, sent by God himself so humanity may appreciate these valuable blessings.

NCERT QUESTIONS  :-  A Thing Of Beauty

1. List the things of beauty discussed in the poem.

Ans. Four wondrous thing that add happiness to our life are clear streams, daffodils and the greenery encompassing them, old and youthful trees and the woods.

2.List the things that cause enduring and torment.

Ans. Things which cause torment and enduring are pity, sadness, an absence of honorable characteristics and an unfortunate and evil way of living.

3.What makes people love life notwithstanding every one of the inconveniences they face ?

Ans. Individuals love life in spite of all inconveniences and sufferings they face as a result of the multitude of wondrous things which encompass them. These things eliminate our discouraged state and permit us to appreciate the magnificence of nature.

4.What does the line, ‘Hence would we say we are wreathing an extravagant band to tie us to the Earth’s propose to you?

Ans. This line propose that consistently we seem to weave a wreath of blossoms since it is lovely and keeps us to joined to the marvels of earth.

5.Do we experience wondrous things just briefly or do they establish a long term connection with us?

Ans. A wondrous thing is a delight perpetually in light of the fact that it is an interminable wellspring of joy and inspiration. The bliss given by it never disappears, yet continues expanding.


6. For what reason is ‘magnificence’ related with the ‘powerful dead’?

Ans. The artist discovers magnificence even in death.’ Mighty dead ‘ alludes to our brilliant progenitors, who were extraordinary in their own particular manners. Magnificence is related with them in light of the fact that our past is brimming with accounts of their brilliance. They will consistently be associated with their accomplishments.

7. What picture does the writer use to depict the delightful abundance of the earth.

Ans. The writer utilizes the picture of nature as a ‘ perpetual wellspring’ pouring onto us from paradise. Nature is a wellspring of unending bliss. The sun, the moon, the daffodils, the reasonable streams, the woodland, and so on, are a couple of lovely pictures that have a profound effect on us.

8. What delight does a wonderful things give us? Are delightful things wroth prizing?

Ans. A lovely things give us never-ending euphoria and joy. Excellent are wroth prizing on the grounds that their memory alleviates our nerves and rouses us to conquer the discouraging components throughout everyday life.

INSIDE QUESTIONS :-  A Thing Of Beauty

1. Which object of nature does Keats make reference to as wellspring of delight in his sonnet, ‘ A Thing of Beauty’?

Ans. The objects of nature referenced by Keats are clear streams, musk-rose and daffodils blossoms, the greenery environmental factors them, old and youthful trees, the woodland, the sun and the moon.

2. How does an amazing thing help us?

Ans. An amazing thing adds unending happiness to our life and assist us with beating our misery and sadness. The memory of something like this gives us never-ending satisfaction.

3. What does Keats consider an interminable wellspring of godlike beverage and for what reason does he call its beverage everlasting?

Ans. Keats think about nature’s magnificence as an unending wellspring of unfading beverage. He call its beverage interminable as the joy and enjoyment given by it won’t ever decrease. It just increments with time. Excellence resembles a mixture of life.

4. As per Keats, what spreads the pall of despondence over our dim spirits? How could it be taken out?

Ans. Keats says that torment and enduring are a piece of life which spread the pall of despondence over our dim spirits. Yet at the same time, we can discover trust. The expectation and inspiration comes from nature and it eliminates this covering of despondence.

5. How does an amazing thing give asylum and solace?

Ans. A wonderful thing give safe house and solace from various perspectives. It resembles a grove, a put under the shade of a tree where we can rest. It gives us a rest brimming with sweet dreams in the warm climate, the little floods of cool and clear water and the green timberlands around making an obscure spot for us.

6. What is the message of the sonnet, ‘A Thing of Beauty’?

Ans. The message that the sonnet passes on is that a wondrous thing gives us interminable happiness. It assist us with emerging from misery and sadness. The memory of something like this is a wellspring of never-ending satisfaction.

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